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Bronze Google Business Profile Management

Our Bronze Google Business Profile Management service is ideal for small businesses or those just starting to establish their online presence, especially in local search results.

Optimisation: Setting up a Google Business Profile correctly is crucial. This service includes creating a profile with accurate and detailed business information such as location, hours, contact details, and description of services or products. Optimisation involves using relevant keywords and categories to improve visibility in local search results.

Regular Updates and Maintenance: Businesses must update their profile regularly to keep information current. This includes posting updates about new products, services, offers, and events. The service provider might also manage holiday hours and respond to changes in business operations.

Responding to Reviews: Engaging with customer reviews is essential to managing a Google Business Profile. This service often includes monitoring and responding to positive and negative reviews in a timely and professional manner.

Photo and Video Uploads: Regularly uploading high-quality photos and videos can make a profile more attractive and informative to potential customers. This can include images of the business location, products, services, or special events.

Insights and Analytics: Understanding how customers interact with your business online is vital to improving your online presence. The service provider may offer insights into how customers found your business, their actions on your profile, and other relevant analytics.

Local SEO Strategies: Since Google Business Profile is a critical component of local SEO, the service includes strategies to improve local search rankings. This could involve optimizing the business website and building local citations.

Customer Interaction Management includes managing messages received through the profile, answering questions, and interacting with customers to improve engagement and customer service.

Reporting and Recommendations: Regular reports on the performance of the Google Business Profile and recommendations for improvements can be part of the service.

Crisis Management: In case of negative reviews or PR crises, the service provider might offer support in managing the situation and maintaining a positive business reputation.

£150.00 / month