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Google My Business Setup

A Google My Business (GMB) Setup Service is focused on establishing and configuring a new Google My Business profile for a business. This service is crucial for businesses looking to enhance their online presence, particularly in local search results.

Account Creation and Verification: Setting up the GMB account and going through the process of verifying the business with Google. This involves receiving a verification code via mail, phone, or email.

Business Information Input: Accurately inputting all essential business details such as the business name, address, phone number, website, and hours of operation. It’s crucial to ensure this information is consistent across all online platforms for SEO purposes.

Category and Service/Area Selection: Choosing the most appropriate business category and, if applicable, services offered or areas served. The correct categorisation is essential for appearing in relevant local search queries.

Business Description and Attributes: Write a compelling and informative business description and select relevant business attributes that describe features or offerings unique to the business.

Photo and Video Uploads: Adding high-quality images and, if available, videos of the business. This can include pictures of the premises, products, staff, or services.

Google Posts: Creating initial posts about the business, like a welcome message, current promotions, or news, which can help in engaging early with the audience.

Setting Up Messaging Features: Enabling and configuring direct messaging options on the GMB profile, allowing customers to reach out directly via the listing.

Q&A Section Preparation: Populate the Q&A section of the GMB profile with frequently asked questions about the business and their answers, providing valuable upfront information to potential customers.

Basic Training and Support: Providing initial guidance or training to the business owner or staff on managing and updating the GMB profile effectively.

A Google My Business Setup Service is an essential first step for businesses to gain visibility in local search results, attract new customers, and provide important information about their business online.