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Silver Google Business Profile Optimisation

Our Silver Google Business Profile Optimisation service is designed for businesses that want a more comprehensive approach to optimising their online presence on Google, beyond the basics offered in a Bronze package.

Profile Setup and Verification: Creating a comprehensive GMB profile, ensuring all business information is accurate and complete. This includes the business name, address, phone number, website, and hours of operation. Verification of the business is also a critical step in this process.

Optimisation for Local SEO: Incorporating relevant keywords into the business description and posts to improve the business’s visibility in local search results. This might involve keyword research specific to the business’s industry and location.

Regular Content Updates and Posts: Updating the GMB profile with regular posts about news, offers, events, or new products/services. This keeps the profile active and engaging for users.

Responding to Customer Reviews: Promptly and professionally responding to all positive and negative reviews. This engagement can improve a business’s reputation and customer relationship.

Photo and Video Management: Regularly uploading high-quality photos and videos of the business, including its products, services, staff, and premises. This visual content can significantly enhance the appeal of the listing.

Utilising Google Posts: Using Google Posts to share updates, offers, and events directly in the search and map results. This feature can help in driving more engagement and traffic.

Q&A Management: Monitoring and responding to the questions users ask in the Q&A section of the GMB profile. This helps in providing accurate information and managing public perception.

Insights and Analytics: Providing regular insights into how users interact with the listing, including how they found the business, actions they took, and demographic information. This data can be crucial for further optimisation strategies.

Competitor Analysis: Monitoring competitors’ GMB profiles to stay competitive in the local market.

£200.00 / month