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Google My Business Case Study: Large Format Printers


About The Company

This Large Format Printing entity originated from a collaborative endeavour between a father and son, evolving to become one of the UK’s renowned large-format digital printing establishments. It operates as a family-managed enterprise, boasting a cohesive team equipped with specialised expertise and a cumulative experience of three decades.


White-label GMB Optimisation


Google My Business

Initial Audit & Keyword Research

Large Format Digital Printers Google My Business Audit

Upon receiving an order for our “Google My Business” service, we commence with a preliminary analysis of the client’s profile. This evaluation delineates both the aspects in which the profile excels, as well as those necessitating enhancement.

The assessment is systematically segmented into specific sections, each accompanied by a streamlined summary designed to facilitate comprehension by the client.

We proffer white-label services to our clientele, of which “Google My Business” profile optimisation is one. Due to confidentiality constraints, client identities remain undisclosed; however, we reference this instance as the “Large Format Printing case study,” denoting the client’s industry category for illustrative purposes.

It is commendable to encounter a mature business profile with an evident operational history. Some of our evaluative criteria were already met, although specific supplementary attributes were notably absent. While products and services were previously integrated into the profile, our assessment identified additional offerings that could enhance its comprehensiveness.

Our optimisation endeavours to complete the attributes mentioned above, integrate additional products and services, and formulate curated posts. Furthermore, we applied proprietary strategies to amplify the visibility and engagement of the Google My Business profile.

The Google Business Profile Outcome

The anticipated outcomes for the Large Format Printers campaign have been revealed below. The business witnessed a substantial escalation in its views by 15,344%, translating to a visibility of 16,220 individuals.

It is noteworthy that “views” is defined as the ability of an individual to see the profile in the search results. This augmented visibility allowed 480 interactions, representing an 11,900% surge.

A breakdown of these interactions reveals 140 website visits, 30 phone calls, and 310 instances of individuals seeking driving directions.

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